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Keystone Rural Health Consortia

90 East Second St., , Emporium, PA, 15854


The Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. began operations on February 2, 1976, in Emporium, PA.

The mission to KRHC is to provide quality, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive health services to the counties we serve. Our mission statement exemplifies our attitude both toward each other and toward the communities in which we serve.

Since our beginnings in Emporium, we have expanded services into Snow Shoe, PA, at the Mountaintop Area medical Center. We also operate two dental offices: the Cameron County Dental Center in Emporium; and the Johnsonburg Dental Center in Johnsonburg.

Our organization continues to grow to provide much needed health and dental services to rural communities throughout Northern and Central Pennsylvania. The current service and success of the Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. would not have been possible without the support of the community, past, present, and with the dedicated staff and committed board of directors, and the commitment shown by numerous individuals over the years.