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Job Posting Policy for PACHC Members and Nonmembers


Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center and Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers




SUBJECT: Job Posting for Non-PACHC Members for 3RNet


Approved by: Board of Directors, December 2017




In order to increase the appeal of the job listings in Pennsylvania, and to create an atmosphere of partnership across health care facilities in the commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center (the Career Center) and the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC) will allow non-organizational members with a facility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to post job openings on the Career Center website and the Pennsylvania state page on the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNet).  




Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center 

The Career Center is a joint venture of PACHC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Its goal is to recruit and retain primary care providers for Pennsylvania’s safety-net facilities and other primary care practices. Jobs are posted on the Career Center’s website, 



3RNet is a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to health care in rural and underserved areas. The 3RNet website brings together healthcare professionals with job opportunities in rural and underserved communities throughout the country. Each state has one member responsible for the job postings on the website. You may visit this website at:


Small Nonprofit

A small nonprofit is defined as a non-profit organization with less than $5 million annual revenue.


Large Nonprofit and Small For-Profit

A large nonprofit is defined as a nonprofit organization with annual revenue exceeding $5 million. A small for-profit healthcare entity is defined as a business or organization, such a small medical practice, that does not qualify for tax-exempt status and has less than $5 million in annual revenue.


Large For-Profit

A large for-profit healthcare entity is defined as a business or organization that does not qualify for tax-exempt status and has annual revenue exceeding $5 million. This would include for-profit hospitals, medical practices not affiliated with a nonprofit organization, and health insurance companies.


Organizational Members

Organizational members are defined as federally qualified health centers, federally qualified health center look-alikes, and non-profit rural health clinics that pay the organizational-level membership fee to PACHC. They receive free job listings, which are posted and maintained by the Career Center staff on both the Career Center and 3RNet websites. Organizational members receive referrals of potential candidates, timely updates regarding workforce initiatives, technical assistance, and other resources.


Non-Organizational Members

Non-organizational members are defined as organizations that do not qualify for or do not pay dues to PACHC. This includes PACHC Partners. Non-organizational members interested in posting job openings to the Career Center website and 3RNet are welcome to do so under the fee structure (below). Organizations taking advantage of this opportunity will receive posting, database searches, and technical assistance from Career Center staff but will not be entitled to recruitment and retention services provided to PACHC members.



The following fees pay for a THREE-MONTH posting. You may renew the posting after three months for $50 per month. The job posting must be renewed at the full price after 12 months. 


Small Non-Profit


Number of Job Postings Amount Charged  Discount
1 Job $300 None
2 Jobs $540 10% off  $600
3 Jobs $810 10% off 900
4 or More Jobs $200 per job Save 33% per job



Large Non-Profit and Small For-Profit


Number of Job Postings Amount Charged Discount
1 Job $500 None
2 Jobs $900 Save 10% off $1000
3 Jobs $2350 Save 10% off $1500
4 or More Jobs $350 per job Save 30% per job





Large For-Profit


Numer of Job Postings Ammount Charged Discount
1 Job $1000 None
2 Jobs $1800 Save 10% off $2000
3 Jobs $2700 Save 10% off $3000
4 Jobs $650 per job Save 35% per job




Job Posting Process


Posting a job is a two-step process

1. Complete the Job Posting Application.

2. Pay for the job posting after you are invoiced by the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center director (contact information below). Jobs will be posted when payment is received. 


Including 3RNet and Duration of Posting 

3RNet – Your job will be posted to 3RNet by Career Center staff. If you do not want a 3RNet posting, contact the director when you post the job. 


Duration of Posting– All job openings will be posted for three months. At the end of the third month, Career Center staff will contact you to either remove the job posting or see if you would like the job to remain posted for a small continuity fee.  A continuity fee of $50 per month per position will be charged to the organization on the 15th of each additional month past the initial three months that the job opening is to remain posted.



*Judd Mellinger-Blouch, Director of the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center, can be contacted at or 717-761-6443, ext. 211.